From start to finish, our criminal justice system is profoundly unfair to poor and working people, people of color, women, and immigrants; wasteful; opaque; and needlessly diverted from attacking real wrongdoing. We overpolice and criminalize black and Latino communities while devoting too few resources to investigating sexual assault, solving murders, and fighting wage theft; we excessively charge for minor offenses, and fail to consider the collateral consequences for immigrant New Yorkers; we needlessly rely on cash bail that ordinary people can’t pay; we haven’t remotely realized our capacity for cost-effective alternative forms of accountability and rehabilitation; we make it nearly impossible for people to fairly and expeditiously get their proverbial “day in court”; we brutalize inmates and correctional officers alike in our jails and fail to prepare offenders for reentry into society; and we place too many obstacles in the way of the wrongfully convicted to demonstrate their innocence.